Friday, December 02, 2011

Hello! Just wanted to share this exciting news: since yesterday my one of a kind restyled bags are for sale in London! I have created a mini collection for Things British, a lovely shop in the heart of London promoting handmade designs by British designers. I am so happy to be part of this and to have my handbags on display! Sofar I have sent in five bags, as I have rented just one shelf and more bags won't fit on there. I have taken a picture of them before sending them off as you can see below. If you are in London and you are looking for unique gifts by UK talent then please visit this lovely shop. The address: Kingly Court first floor, just off Carnaby Street (postcode:W1B 5PW)

PS: with this post I have revived this blog (once again).Please join to stay posted about my upcoming projects and giveaways. I have found an antique suitcase transformed into a 60s cocktail bar with electric light(sounds crazy, i know) that needs restoring. I will be posting about the project soon!


nuvonova said...

Those look amazing! I will certainly check them out the next time I am there!

Miss Mish Mish said...

Thank you Clara! :) I was planning to go there this weekend, but I can't make it. Maybe next week!

claire said...

oh wow! i heard about this shop, i must go there when i next go to london!

Dilara Afroz said...

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