Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY : Making a stunning fabric cuff from scraps - Perfect last minute gift! This is my tutorial for the perfect last minute gift. A really fun project, very quick and easy with maximum result!
Here's what you need:

Fabric scraps (enough to cut about 13 circles of 4cm diameter) sewing machine or good sewing skills fancy or contrasting thread contrasting fabric for the flower embellishment a snap button, for the inside a decorative button or bead, for the outside Start with cutting circles out of fabric. You can use a glass or round lid as a template. Don't use delicate fabric because you don't want it to start fraying. I used vintage fine italian leather- leftovers from my dad's past as a Florentine salesman - and it's a gift for my mother so I want it to look luxurious. You can use different types of fabric and alternate them, all options are open! Dab a bit of paper glue ( pritt or uhu stick) at the right half of each circle and layer the next one on top of that to form a straight line: The reason for using glue is because it's easier to sew the pieces together for the next step. Get your sewing machine ready and choose a nice thread. I used metallic gold for my cuff. Start with a first line straight in the middle and then one on either side. You can do any type of stitch. I used a zig-zag line for this cuff.
Now it's time to decide where to place the snap button. Sew one on the back of the first full circle ( first circle from the left in the 3rd picture) Try it on and find the best spot to sew the other part of the snap button.

The finishing touch: gather a piece of fine fabric ( I used lace here) and sew it together with a decorative button on top of the full circle. Your cuff is ready!


GeltDesigns said...

Very clever idea. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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iram said...

what a great cuff love it

Anonymous said...


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