Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arm Chair

I've discovered some beautiful furniture pieces thanks to mydeco's room planner, which i blogged about a few posts ago. I found an arm chair in their catalogue which i absolutely must have : the Albert Arm Chair from Egamma. It is a combination of classy French elegance and a funky modern comic book print. I really love prints, but i do have a weak spot for comic book prints and this one is simply fabulous. At 218.99 £ it is a little bit too expensive for my taste, but nothing can stop me from dreaming about it!

On Etsy i found a few more unique gems that are really worth to be shown off:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Beauty Grace and Charm Dress by Angel Damico

My dress arrived today! Not so long ago one of Angel Damico's dresses was featured on Etsy's frontpage and i could no longer resist. This shop has been one of my favourites for a while now but i never got the chance to order anything...or better yet : i never knew what to choose because i liked them all. Then my eye was caught by this beautiful pink and blue dress and i just had to get it, no more hiding behind excuses. It was exactly the type of dress i had in mind to buy for my trip to Syria. Each year it is a big drama to organize my suitcase because what can you wear on a 45° C day in Syria visiting old monuments? Certainly not shorts and i can't see myself wearing a maxi dress climbing ruins or visiting the souks. I can combine this dress with a comfortable pair of jeans and my hot pink diamond slippers and i'm ready to go! Apart from the beautiful design by the talented Angel Damico ( so much detail to discover! ) and the stunning colours, the fit and feel of this dress are a big bonus : so soft and light as a feather as if i'm not wearing anything at all. All i can say is WOW. Go have a look a this beautiful shop now and see for yourself!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Flamenco Fever
Last saturday i attended a flamenco performance ( CompaƱia Flamenca del Junco ) and i was swept away by the beauty of it! So much engery and passion accomplished by just two guitars, three singers and two very talented dancers, they made me forget Belgium and took me to the south of Spain - the Alhambra courtyards maybe -or the beautiful and mysterious barrios of Sevilla and Granada. Unfortunately i didn't have my camera with me and i can't find any info online about this flamenco group, but these Etsy finds bring you a taste of the flamenco atmosphere!

handpainted mug by houseofharriet

Flamenco earrings by trystbykerry

The Spanish Signora print by matouenpeluche

Black lace fan by SamanthaSultana


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