Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's on the work table today?
On mine: loads of postage stamps! I am working on a new postage stamps handbag and the only way for me to do this is to have all the stamps scattered around me. I know this will probably give stamp collectors a small heart attack, but I can't keep stamps in neatly sorted books and folders, organized by year or theme...no! I simply stuff them into boxes and envelopes and then when I start working I keep emptying box after box and rummage around till I find the perfect stamp for the perfect spot on the bag. Sometimes I lose track of what I am doing and end up staring at the mini artworks of countries that no longer exist, extinct butterflies, scientists from different eras. It's like walking through a history museum, but in the comfort of my own home. Some stamps are still partly attached to their envelopes, a far-away address still visible, and I wonder who sent them and what was written in the letters that travelled around the world. Funny how a tiny piece of paper can have so many different meanings, don't you agree?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vintage Illustration of the Day Saturday 16-01
A few years ago I bought the complete edition of a local Belgian women's magazine, published only for a few years in the 40s and 50s. I paid quite a lot of money, but the investment was worth it. It was a traditional magazine, full of inspirational tips for housework and decoration, romantic stories, recipes and fashion. I love browsing through them, it's like being teleported to a different world where etiquette was the new black and the readers would seek advice on how to tell their fiance politely to cultivate some table manners without sounding offensive. I wish I had the patience to translate these letters and articles! I will be posting scans from this magazine from time to time. The illustration of today comes from a 1956 publication and part of the story "And Lea chose a Mule" ( as I said, it's from a different world...).
"And even though Dad and Luc would get enraged by the glamorous hustle and bustle, Tessy simply wouldn't care about it!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Etsy Finds 12th January 2010 Have you ever played around with the Pounce feature on Etsy? I must warn you : it's addictive. I keep finding more beautiful items to share with you! Catherine from Cramoxx22x is a talented young designer, inspired by her grandma's closet and the recyling of beautiful textures and fabrics. This Fairy Flight Sweater is just one of the beautiful creations in this shop! Next find is this lovely Lily Purse by London Designer Ammagyan. Amma's feminine and romantic handcrafted leather creations are made in the heart of London with locally sourced materials and are truly unique and individual pieces of art!
If you like spicing up your home with unique pieces, then I just found the perfect Etsy shop for you! Kelly McDavid from RustedRoof makes her own - very cute and quirky! - chandelier shades and has a small selection of impressive vintage chandeliers for sale as well.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fresh Finds for the New Year
Happy 2010 everyone! First post of the year and it's literally a fresh start of the new year as I am nearly up to my knees in the snow here in Ascot.
A beautiful scene it is, but one day of snow is enough so I am staying inside and discovering some fresh new shops on Etsy!
I found this stylish pillow in brand new Etsy shop fancy4u. Fancy4u makes glamorous handmade pillows featuring beautifully handpainted shoes and boots...a shoe lover's must-have!
If you have read my bird stories on this blog you might know that I have a soft spot for the feathered babies. It is not surprising that I fell in love with this cute pair of bird earrings from FERNandDANDY.
Next up is an old favourite of mine, the vintage bag! I discovered this quirky green leather purse in New York based shop SelectiveMemory. This shop sells vintage treasures picked by twin sisters Alice and Brooke.
And if you are looking for bold jewellery, OBRDESIGNS might just have the right piece for you! I fell in love with their bib necklace, featuring shiny sequins and chains designed by the mom and daughter duo.
Hope you enjoyed today's finds!


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