Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alice, I'm falling, I'm falling....
Help, I'm falling for it too! Ever since I saw the interesting trailer for the movie I wanted to do something with this theme. While I haven't seen the movie (yet) and I like to stay away from the next big trend I couln't help getting caught up in the whole Alice hysteria. While a few people told me they never liked the story as a child and found it creepy, I have always loved the illogical twists in this magical story. I do admit I was scared of the Queen of Hearts, though. So, one rainy afternoon I made my own Alice drawing: she's holding the magical potion and contemplating whether to drink it or not. I transferred it to fabric appliques and matched it with vintage embroidered and lace trims. The result : a new fun and quirky jewellery line for the Alice in Wonderland fan. And please excuse me now, time for tea!


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