Friday, August 29, 2008

Light Therapy
It's been a week since that horribly long journey from Aleppo to Istanbul and Belgium. More than 24 hours awake and on the way to get home again and now it seems as if i've never been away. It's funny when people tell you they went to the middle east and experienced a cultural shock, because for me it's exactly the other way round : everytime i come home from Syria i feel completely out of place and have a hard time getting used again to Belgium and its inhabitants. The cold and dark weather in the middle of summer is just one example that really makes me depressed and grumpy when i wake up in the morning. I'm not saying everything is perfect in Syria: many times our electricity was cut off and we were in the dark ( and heat) for hours and hours without a warning but then you start smiling again when the light goes on again and you hear the whole neighbourhood applaud and shout because of this "miracle". So now that i'm back i love to look at the pictures i took during the holiday for a daily energy boost, to remember the heat and the sun ( and the possible sunstroke i had when i was walking around in the desert without a hat - yes very smart, i know). Here's a selection of 5 of my so called light therapy photos :

The sun rise as seen from my balcony.

Sweet grapes in our garden, too many to eat them all!

Sergilla, the dead city : our house is surrounded by more than 700 dead cities dating from 200 to 500. Some are completely deserted and others partly inhabited by farmers.

Beehive style constructions on the road from Homs to Palmyra.

My sister posing as a modern version of Queen Zenobia in the Temple of Bel in Palmyra.


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