Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY : Making a lip balm container from a vintage brooch.
Are you one of those people constanly looking for their lip balm in each and every pocket, handbag or drawer? I have to buy a new one nearly every other week as I keep misplacing mine. No more of that! I have a trick and I am going to share it with you.
A while ago I bought this beautiful vintage Avon owl brooch from the local car boot sale. It was in absolute mint condition, with the perfume glace still intact in the container behind the wing. Sadly, the pin broke after a couple of times and another thing...the perfume didn't smell very nice after all these years.
So, the brooch ended up in the drawer and that was it. Then winter came and with that, the annoying problem of dry lips. After yet another trip to the shops for new lip balm I came up with a solution: I took the broken pin off the brooch, glued a blank ring base to the back and cleaned out the perfume container(took a few washes as the perfume really stinks!) and replaced it with my favourite lipbalm et voila : A statement ring and much needed beauty product in one. I hope this will inspire you to make something new and useful out of the old and forgotten!

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