Friday, June 01, 2007

Back in action!
I'm back i'm back! I'm finally free...what a great feeling!I don't know how long it's been since i had this feeling again. But i think this time it's different, i'm "really free". Free to take a new start, free to write the next chapter in my's exciting!
So...where to start? Let me tell you that i've been tagged! Ok, it happened a while ago but i never had the time to respond and to come up with 7 things that are interesting enough to blog about. Check out my taggers and their lovely blogs:
Retro attic from Retro Romance
Tessa from How to Make Art
Helen from Pepperina Press
The rules:
* Write 7 random facts/habits about yourself on your blog. * Choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names (then make sure you go to those people's blogs to let them know they're "it").
1) Mis Mish Mish is not my name. Mish Mish is my 13 year old cat. It means apricot in Arabic and a common name for orange cats. My Mish Mish is not orange:
2) In a conversation, I can switch from Dutch to French to English to Italian to Spanish or German within seconds. When i was four i was fluent in Arabic as well (i spent a whole summer with cousins that didn't speak anything else so i had to!) , but i when started going to elementary school i couldn't practice any longer and i forgot most of it. And i still can't get past the basics now...too hard!
3) I met my UK fiancé in a chatroom when i was 15. We wrote letters and met eachother for the first time a year later. I will be 25 this summer, we're still together and i will be moving to the UK soon...yay for internet love :)
4) DO NOT feed me nuts, i will die. I've been allergic to most types of nuts as long as i can remember. I don't even have to eat one to go into shock, just having it in my mouth by accident is enough to send me to the hospital. I hope i don't have any enemies that are reading this or i've just given them the best strategy tip ever to get rid of me lol!
5) I used to make all kinds of objects for a very popular computer game. I taught myself how to make 3-d models and import them into the game. I had a website and shared my designs for free with the whole world. I stopped about a year or two ago but my yahoo groups still count over 10000 members with new ones joining every day. I'm not part of that community any longer but sometimes i go back to have a look and see what's going on. I still see people showing screenshots of their games with my 3d's in's really weird to see something that i've created on my little home computer travelling the whole world.
6) I love Barbie Pink. I apologize, it's stronger than me.
7) My favourite film is Return to Oz. Not the orginal Oz story, but a "remake" from the '80s. I remember being terrified as a little girl when seeing the scene when an evil princess takes her head off and choses a new one in a long corridor that looks like a head gallery. The actress that plays Dorothy was an exact copy of one of my childhood friends, which made it even more spectacular me. It's a kid's film, but it's so creepy and dark that i don't understand why my parents let me watch it back then!
Ok, enough facts and things, it's my turn to tag!


Retro Attic said...

Very interesting! Your cat is adorable and the story about your fiance is fascinating! I remember that movie Return to Oz. I had some stickers from it in my sticker album. I bet I still have them somewhere.

Felicia said...

Your kitty is so adorable :)

Ali J said...

Oooh!! I LOVE Return to Oz. I still have the movie book full of pictures. I'm dying to see that movie again, but I can't find it anywhere.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

You did it!

I was curious about Mish Mish - so now I know :)
(such a cute kitty)

I'm jealous of your many languages...

gilda said...

i'm so envious that you can speak so many languages! i speak english, mandarin and japanese, but i'm GOING TO learn french even if it killed me. haha!

ps: i found you while randomly clicking through flickr, and really loved all the stuff you made. especially that trench. it's gorgeous and i hope you don't mind me copying that idea one day!

Camilla said...

I wonder...did I ever answer this tag? I need to go and check my old blog entries!


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