Monday, March 26, 2007

Photo Booth Beauties : my newest bag
I miss making bags! I did so much jewellery lately and i'm getting bored of it now, so it was time to bring the bags out and do something new. If i say i have alot of bags...then i really do have a lot of bags. I think i'm close to 50 vintage bags waiting for a makeover and i have 30 or so new, custom made ones ( granny style) coming over in a few weeks! And last saturday i bought six beautiful vintage bags at a Retro Day , i should really stop buying now...i think. Here's my latest creation: a white vintage bag, painted pale teal and pale bronze with vintage photo booth pictures. I really like the lock button, it's automatic...that must have been really modern in those days! I love the distressed and faded look and i think it goes well with the theme and style of the bag.


Guro said...

It looks amazing! So does all your jewelry :O)

Felicia said...

Your bags are groovy! Isn't it great being able to switch between your different crafts. I found your site through the etsy blog thread.


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