Friday, March 16, 2007

Another polymer clay experiment Time for another experiment! I think i figured out how to do a black and white transfer using white spirit, but i love using colours in my designs so i had to find a new technique, since i don't have a colour laser printer. I tried the soap-water-turpentine didn't work. I tried the iron-on didn't work. Atleast not with my iron-on paper! ... So, what does work for coloured transfers? I baked the clay first and then used gel medium to get my image onto the clay. A layer of gel medium on the clay, and a layer of gel on top of the image and then i put the piece back into the oven ( oven switched off ). Then i used a glitter gel (this one is for fabric but it works well with clay too) for some extra effect on the edges and the back and finished it off with a coat of clear voilĂ : my own digital art on pair of earrings!


fran said...

WoW - These look just amazing .. So have you glued the image on with a gel medium? Sorry, I know nothing about poly clay or transfers, but I'd love to give it a try ..

Miss Mish Mish said...

Hello Fran,

Thank you! Yes i used gel medium and let it dry for 12 hrs, then i applied a coat of clear varnish.
Good luck!

Cat Morley said...

These are stunning. Well done x


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