Saturday, February 17, 2007

Feet Fashion
So what do you do when you fall in love with a pair of Blythe shoes from Irregular Choice and you know there is no way you will ever be able wear them thanks to your oh so delicate feet. I have a serious problem : i love shoes but my feet hate them! I think i wore flip flops for 4 months last year, just to avoid foot pain. So, these Blythe shoes...i was tempted to order a pair, but of course it's an online store and i can't try them on...having to send them back would hurt my heart more than my feet.
This is what happened next:
I ended up making my own version. I found a great pair of non-hurting shoes for only 12 Euro at New Look. I copied the picture from my Camden Blythe bag, added a few rhinestones and pink paint...& voilĂ ! Sorry, Irregular Choice, but those who don't have fashionable feet, have to be creative!
To finish it off:

A matching pair of earrings made from the left overs!


tricia said...

got your blog off etsy some really interesting stuff. Have a look at mine and will add you to my links if you like???

Miss Mish Mish said...

Hi! Thanks for having a look! Of course i'd like to swap links, your blog looks great :)

tricia said...

cool your on


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