Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vintage Illustration of the Day Saturday 16-01
A few years ago I bought the complete edition of a local Belgian women's magazine, published only for a few years in the 40s and 50s. I paid quite a lot of money, but the investment was worth it. It was a traditional magazine, full of inspirational tips for housework and decoration, romantic stories, recipes and fashion. I love browsing through them, it's like being teleported to a different world where etiquette was the new black and the readers would seek advice on how to tell their fiance politely to cultivate some table manners without sounding offensive. I wish I had the patience to translate these letters and articles! I will be posting scans from this magazine from time to time. The illustration of today comes from a 1956 publication and part of the story "And Lea chose a Mule" ( as I said, it's from a different world...).
"And even though Dad and Luc would get enraged by the glamorous hustle and bustle, Tessy simply wouldn't care about it!"


Amg-Arts said...

Cant wait to see more of your magazine, love the illustration of the one you have shown. :)

Erica Leigh said...

lucky you! i would love to find some vintage magazines (i'm a huge fashion history buff...i just love all the old photos). i like the one you picked for today. just lovely! <3


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