Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just for me
Thrift shopping is not always about finding a great unique piece. Sometimes the piece finds you. My all time favourite second hand shop is in Belgium, and every time I go back home - even if it is just for a weekend - I have to stop by and have a peek. The shop has gone through a makeover in the last few months : funky wall paper, crazy chandeliers ( not for sale, unfortunately!) and their latest addition...a grandma's wardrobe full of vintage coats, hats and handbags! I was still opening the entrance door as I saw this beautiful straw-weave handbag peeking out underneath a pile of vintage leather and vinyl purses at the bottom of this treasure wardrobe. In two steps I was there and picked it up, clutching it tightly before anyone else could get their eyes or hands on it ( yes, my sweet mum-and-thrift-shop-ally included... sorry mum!). I didn't even look at the beautiful sixties coats and cloche hats, all i wanted was this bag. Funny enough, I was told by Yuku, the lovely lady that works there, that this bag had been sitting there for weeks and she had been thinking about me (she knows I'm handbag crazy) and knew I would have bought it if I had the chance to be there...and there I was. I paid and left, packed it in my suitcase and now she's here with me in excellent condition and ready to enjoy her second life in England as my new favourite bag!
A note: both mirrors and the closet in the picture are from the same shop!


esque said...

What a lovely bag! You're right, sometimes they find/wait for you! Now I wanna go thrifting!


Anonymous said...

Great work! That handbag is very special indeed. I definitely know that feeling when you spot something and feel like everyone else must be about to pounce on it too because it is so fabulous! :)

Jenny said...

I love the colors! It's just amazing!

Anonymous said...
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Eadaoin said...

sounds like that handbag was really waiting for you to come and buy it! i wish that thrift stores were that nice here in dublin, but really they're not very nice at all :(

Tessa said...

Wow, what a gorgeous find! Thrifting can be so magical sometimes... :)


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