Monday, May 26, 2008

Interior Designing with
I found this website a while ago and i just had to blog about it because it's so addictive and fun. let's you design your own rooms online with real existing furniture and accessories. You are basically the interior designer of your own house: you choose the measurements of the room, the doors and windows and from there on you can let your imagination take over! The best thing is that you don't have to download any software for this and it's quite quick in rendering the pictures and browsing through the catalogues. I think it is a UK based website because most of the shops featured can be found in the UK : John Lewis, Cole & Son , Designers Guild but also my favourite shop Maisons du Monde ( not yet in the UK ). Everything is rendered in 3D, but the catalogues show the actual pieces of furniture and tells you exactly how much it costs and the dimensions and colours of each piece available. As you know i will be moving to a flat soon and there will only be enough space for my fiancĂ©, me and my huge collection of bags ,supplies and vintage junk i can't say goodbye to( ok, we haven't found a solution for that yet - i might have to get a shed and ask my in-laws if i can put it on their land,it's only 2min. away ). The flat isn't big and we don't have any furniture yet so is a gift from heaven : i had all the measurements of the rooms and started decorating! The downside is that most of the furniture is really above my budget ( £6,139.28 for the living room and £7,706.84 for the bedroom? I don't think so! ) But being the flea market and thriftstore addict that i am i think i'll find other ways to decorate for les money. Here are two pictures of the rooms i made and how i would like to have them decorated. I hope i can show you the real thing in a couple of months!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Personal Portfolio

I'm back again! After two weeks of furniture and deco hunting in the UK ( our flat is comming along nicely and i can't wait to move in! ) i'm back home in Belgium and i'm getting ready to move out, finally. Besides all the moving related things i have to do, i still found some time to work on my "business plan". Ok, it's not really a plan, but a dream...and dreaming is allowed, no? So, I got myself a personal portfolio! There are a few shops here in belgium - and i'm sure this system exists in other countries too - that print photo books for you at a very reasonable price. Shops like Fnac, Kruidvat, Blokker and Hema have free software that allow you to create your own book : you choose the lay out, the pictures, set up, basically everything is in your hands! My little book costed about 15 Euro, but it's worth the investement and the quality is excellent. I used to hate that " what do you do in life" question, because i'm not a big talker and saying that i design things sounds so silly sometimes, compared to people with "real" jobs and some of them have no idea what i'm talking about if they can't see it. This little book is the best way for me to show my work and i think it would be interesting to take it to some shops instead of taking my whole inventory with me at a first try-out. I have noticed that handing out a business card doesn't work that well because people forget about it or they are not bothered to go see online what it is about. If they see a portfolio they can atleast tell you if they are interested or not at first glance and it makes things easier for me. If you are serious about your designs i really recommend getting one made....or have it as a souvenir for later when i will be an old granny :)


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