Saturday, April 12, 2008

Makeover over Makeover

Sometimes things don't happen the way i want them to happen. For example this bag : it's been sitting in my collection for months and it's the third one of my circus themed bag. The first one was about zebras , the second one about snakes, but this last one just didn't want to be captured. The circus theme is inspired by a picture and that picture decides type of animal print i will paint for the top section. It took me forever to find an interesting picture and a matching animal print. It's hard to paint elephant skin and i have no idea how to turn acrobatic dog fur into an attractive leopard it was. The picture was printed, the animal pattern painted and the rhinestones glued into place. I've had it ready to put for sale for months, but something was missing and it was driving me crazy everytime i looked at it! I took of the prints, changed the colours and replaced the blue lace trimmings with this funky gold and black lace trim from Syria. I have finally fallen in love with this bag which means it is ready to go. It actually reminds me a bit of Cavalli's style,one of my favourite designer!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

60 Years Ago... I was looking through my collection of vintage magazines and found an article about April's fashion trends for 1948. Exactly 60 years ago! Here's what fashionistas would have ran to the stores for back then :

The latest fashion trends for April 1948, presented by Vrouw en Huis ( Woman and Home ), a Belgian lifestyle magazine:

"Small waiste, large hips and long skirts are essential if you want to dress in style in 1948. Seen in every Parisian Fashion Maison is the Kimino sleeve, a must have for this season" :

"The collars are high and elaborated, but ladies please don't wear these things to work. The office is a place for business not for fashion shows! They are appropriate for Sundays, holidays and special occasions such as birthday parties or an evening out".

And a real lady doesn't go out without her hat!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another thriftstore find

Here i am again with another great thriftstore find. I know i haven't been posting much else than my vintage finds lately but it's all i have time for right now. This is the sewing kit i found on my last trip to the thriftstore and i love it! I was lucky to get it in mint condition with all the original items still inside, because usually all boxes, cupboards and photo albums in these thriftstores are emptied before sale. Inside i found vintage buttons, ribbons, needles, thread and a vintage and slightly rusted pillbox with "aiguilles" (needles) written on it in a beautiful oldfashioned handwriting. Some of the black foil wrappings for the needles haven't even been opened and the most of the button cards were still complete. I 'm not good at sewing even though my grandma has tried to explain the basics many times and even gave me her sewing machine and loads of vogue patterns from the fifties and sixties. Maybe this box is a sign that i should atleast give it a try and take sewing classes next year.


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