Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Quick snapshot

I was in London last night and decided to have a quick look through the window of Things British while I was near Carnaby Street. The shop was closed, but one of my handbags was on display in the window. It is funny when I think about my first school trip to London when I was 15 and how I thought London was old fashioned ( didn't like Madame Tussaud's ) and ruled by weird habits and customs ( having crisp sandwiches for lunch??). I remember walking on Carnaby street and it still was stuck in a time warp with funky shops and hidden basements stuffed with crazy shoes and vintage clothes. I remember buying bright blue glitter lipstick from on of the shops there.  Never would I have thought I 'd come back, I'd end up living in England and most of all, having my own creations for sale on that same street! Strange, isn't it?


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